The film tells the intertwined stories of two teenagers, one in Italy and one in Brazil, who, despite the great differences in class and culture, are like mirror images of interdependent worlds. Joana is fleeing from unspeakable abuse, and Margherita‘s sense of loss and loneliness is equally unspeakable. Their parallel stories are connected by a third character, Carlo, an ambiguous businessman who arrived in Brazil to build an eco-resort on the northeast coast. The paths of the three protagonists develop in an initiatory and healing journey, between the contradictions of a complex country like Brazil and the Italian reality at the end of the 90s, between economic boom and cultural decadence.

Directed by: Ilaria Freccia
Co-produced by Renato Ciasca & Beto Brant Drama Filmes (Brazil)

The film obtained the patronage of the Brazilian Government; of the Autorità Garante per l’Infanzia e Adolescenza della Repubblica Italiana; UN Women – Brazil.