Marco Morana


Marco Morana was born in 1986. Sicilian, he studied Screenwriting at the Experimental Center of Cinematography. He wrote several short films selected in the most important international festivals. He also writes for the theater.

The right not to answer (subject), a finalist for the Premio Solinas – Stories for Film.

Les filles du temps (co-author of the story and screenplay), directed by Valerio Mieli, Babe Films and produced by Indigo Films (in development).

Boundaries (treatment, co-author) selected in the advanced workshop Mediterrean Film Institute.

The last installment (subject, co-author) mention of the Jury Prize SonarScript.

Impasse (project web series) a finalist for the Premio Solinas – Workshop of the webseries.

Stormi (Teather play) won the Premio Hystrio 2019 and il Premio Inedito – Colline Torinesi XVIII Edizione.