Cesar Meneghetti

Cesar Meneghetti (Director)
Cesar MeneghettiCÉSAR MENEGHETTI, was born in São Paulo, Brazil. B.A. in Visual Communication at FAAP São Paulo, B.A. Fine Arts (Mixed Medias) at London Metropolitan University (City of London Polytechnic) and further degree at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Cinecittà, Rome. Artist and film-maker his work is centered on social issues, migration and the concept of borders, political, social and individual edges, the interaction with people and media between the North and South hemisphere. He uses the cinema medium as well as film, video, photography, painting and installation in art to give images a new approach to the world. Through the mix of various technical supports he uses these electronic/digital instruments to extract and isolate frames of reality and re-elaborate them in a new context. He has shown his artwork in more than 43 countries around the world and has made about 100 films and videos including 2 feature films, 9 documentaries, 94 short films, installation and experimental videos. In the last 20 years he had received over 60 awards, prizes and scholarships for his work. He works with the collective casadalapa and lives and works in Berlin, Rome and São Paulo.