Ilaria Freccia

Ilaria Freccia (director and producer)

ilaria_frecciaIlaria worked as photographer and filmmaker for the experimental company Mabu Mines in New York. She was associate producer of the documentaries series “The great pleasure hunt” directed by Elliott Erwitt for the H.B.O. She has directed and produced many documentaries that have recived national and international recognition. She has recently written with Mariolina Venezia the comedy “Each in his own way” and the screenplay for the musical “You can be me” with Nicholas Hunt.

Show reel

Thangam – India – 1994

The initiation – Mali – Africa -1999

A world without poverty – Bangladesh – 2001

Padre Pio Express – Italy – 2004

A possible World – Italy – 2012

Testi tratti da “Una terra senza sentieri”